Torres del Paine (‘Pine-aye’, the only pain is what you create)

Puerto Natales, Chile – 17-21 January 2017


It had been a long time since I went tramping. I had plenty of experience from family trips as a youngster, though annoyingly my memories of these are a bit patchy as I was quite young. This was definitely my first solo multiday hiking trip. It would be interesting to have to organise everything myself and make sure I was well prepared. I had heard that Patagonia was not so forgiving. I had brought more warm clothes with me than I could really imaging needing, but better to be on the safe side. The food was an interesting selection. I went with muesli flavoured with nesquik powder for breakfast, rolls with cheese and salami for lunch, and pasta with soup sachets and frozen vege and tuna for dinner. For snacks I had a nice array of nuts and dried fruits from Fruta Seca, a bit of a classic for hikers departing from Puerto Natales, Snickers, some berry chocolate and a 10 pack of ‘Frac Cake’, which I had never tried. I was maybe the only person to not realise immediately that they might not travel well. Read More