Bright Alpine Climb – 4 Peaks

Bright, Australia – 4-8 November 2017


Keen to continue to make the most of the flexibility of postgraduate study, I had jumped on some Jetstar sale flights to Melbourne and when I looked optimistically for an event to coincide with a couple of weeks in Australia (during the sale dates…) I was stoked to see something from the ANZ skyrunning calendar pop up! I had an awesome day at the super challenging Mt Oxford Odyssey mountain marathon in May and then saw the Mt Difficulty Ascent was 3 weeks later (which looked epic too), but I wasn’t up for such a short turnaround and Achilles niggles following Oxford would not have made that a fun day out! So by now I was really keen to get stuck into an ‘official’ sky running event! The Bright 4 Peaks offered a heavy serve of elevation gain over the 4 days and was right up my alley. Read More

Fansipan Adventure

Sa Pa, Vietnam – 11 September 2017

You don’t have much bargaining power when you’re in Sa Pa arranging a motorbike taxi for 4:30AM the next day and they know the reason you’re leaving so early isn’t actually to see the love waterfall at sunrise, despite what you may say. I was keen to make a solo summit of Mt. Fansipan, the tallest peak of Indochina, during my stay in Northern Vietnam. The issue was that you usually need to arrange an expensive guide and go with a tour that takes 2 days. I knew this expedition was within my abilities, and I was keen for another big run during my 6 week trip through South East Asia. Time to have a real adventure! Read More