Shotover Moonlight Mountain Marathon!

Queenstown, NZ – 17 February, 2018

Goal setting

With a solid 6 week build up after sporadic holiday running, I had put myself in a good space for this event. I was eyeing a sub 6 hour run for the full marathon, but had never been too sure about how realistic that was. I was conflicted between the small number of finishers under 6 hours in the last few years (maybe it was asking too much?) and my good feeling when comparing the course to that of the Oxford Odyssey MM last May, where I had a great day and finished in 7:18. Also, I was feeling that I could be in better shape now, so maybe it was ambitious, but just right? Dream big! Luckily I found one of back-to-back Hardrocker Grant Guise’s slower SMMM efforts on Strava where he had run a 6:03 and this provided some good info on possible splits! Read More