Durmitor Days!

Zabljak, Montenegro: 31 August – 5 September, 2019


Saturday 31 August

After a long bus trip, where I caught up on Black Mirror, met a friendly local named Oli who helped translate the comments of the driver, and spent as much of my remaining Dinar as possible on junk food at a small roadside shop, I arrived to Zabljak!

It was fantastic to check in at the Hiker’s Den Hostel and meet the two proprietors Alex and Stefan, two helpful guys who were keen to have me. “We are glad to have someone like you here!” I recall them remarking as I shared my passion for trail running, and they planned out a couple of great missions for me to tick off on the Durmitor National Park in the coming days. Read More

Bled Brothers!

Bled, Slovenia: 15-19 September, 2019


Sunday 15 September

I arrived to Slovenia by bus, after some time in the Balkans, to meet Sam in Bled for a fun few days of trail and banter in the Julian Alps. Sam Mowat, recently profiled as the best Wild Thing in this fluff piece, was a great choice for a Wild Buddy! On the Sunday we enjoyed a leisurely stroll around the water and planned out three exciting missions for the coming days. I bought a massive bag of pasta at Spar.


Two Kiwis lapping up the atmosphere at Lake Bled before unleashing on the surrounding hills!

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Ghost to Ghost Ultra

The Old Ghost Ultra (or ‘Ghost to Ghost’ as my mum coined it) wasn’t on my hit-list this year. However, you only ever hear great things about the event, and the rare chance for a late entry was tempting. After a fun evening at the ‘Run with Ruth’ on Tuesday, it was all go, go taper that is.


Pretty stoked with my new friend!

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Cvrsnica Ultra Trail

Blidinje National Park, Bosnia and Herzevogina – 24 August, 2019


How did you find out about this race? I was watching a Kilian Jornet Salomon video and glanced at the comments. One comment read “Are you coming to Cvrsnica Ultra Trail this year?” I thought to myself “what is Cvrsnica Ultra Trail?” A quick search revealed some beautiful photos of the Blidinje National Park in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a race profile of around 50km, 2500m D+. Finishing study soon for good, I was spending plenty of time dreaming about the European summer I would be enjoying later in the year. Knowing almost nothing about Bosnia except “wasn’t there a war there not that long ago?”, it seemed like an exciting, unknown destination and it appeared to be open for business as far as tourism is concerned, having a great visa upon arrival ‘no planning required’ policy for New Zealand passport holders. I signed up early and was told to just pay when I got there so there was no firm commitment so to speak, until a couple of weeks out I said to myself ‘Lock it in. I’ll make the logistics happen somehow.’ Read More


Susa, Italy – 27 July, 2019

It had been on my radar for a long time. If you’re passionate about running / hiking up hills, then the vertical races of Europe are a real draw. It looked like the pick of these challenging events was the K3: 3000 metres of elevation gain in a 9.7 kilometre course, the world’s only triple vertical kilometre race. The Italian town of Susa is the host of this VK world circuit race from some ancient ruins in the town centre at 503 masl to the very top of Monte Rocciamelone at an impressive 3538 masl. Read More


Cromwell, NZ – 23 March, 2019

After the usual nervous wait in the port-a-loo queue with what initially wasn’t going to be enough time, then was just enough time, then was absolutely fine, I was amongst the 150+ mountain runners listening to Terry’s last words before a 6AM start to the event that you don’t race, but rather just survive. The wild and hilarious briefing the night before had set the tone for an adventure. Read More

Mt Difficulty Ascent

Cromwell, NZ – 9 June, 2018

Pre-race banter

“This is a serious mountain mission”, so the website for the Mt Difficulty Ascent (MDA) boldly states. And for good reason. I had wanted to do this annual event for just over a year. After my marathon debut at the Mt Oxford Odyssey last year I wasn’t in a position to manage the 3 week turn around to have a crack at MDA the same season. This year I targeted MDA and had a great build up at the MOO half. It’s difficult to formulate goals for big scary events like this, but I was aiming for a sub-7 hour finish. Read More

Shotover Moonlight Mountain Marathon!

Queenstown, NZ – 17 February, 2018

Goal setting

With a solid 6 week build up after sporadic holiday running, I had put myself in a good space for this event. I was eyeing a sub 6 hour run for the full marathon, but had never been too sure about how realistic that was. I was conflicted between the small number of finishers under 6 hours in the last few years (maybe it was asking too much?) and my good feeling when comparing the course to that of the Oxford Odyssey MM last May, where I had a great day and finished in 7:18. Also, I was feeling that I could be in better shape now, so maybe it was ambitious, but just right? Dream big! Luckily I found one of back-to-back Hardrocker Grant Guise’s slower SMMM efforts on Strava where he had run a 6:03 and this provided some good info on possible splits! Read More

Bright Alpine Climb – 4 Peaks

Bright, Australia – 4-8 November 2017


Keen to continue to make the most of the flexibility of postgraduate study, I had jumped on some Jetstar sale flights to Melbourne and when I looked optimistically for an event to coincide with a couple of weeks in Australia (during the sale dates…) I was stoked to see something from the ANZ skyrunning calendar pop up! I had an awesome day at the super challenging Mt Oxford Odyssey mountain marathon in May and then saw the Mt Difficulty Ascent was 3 weeks later (which looked epic too), but I wasn’t up for such a short turnaround and Achilles niggles following Oxford would not have made that a fun day out! So by now I was really keen to get stuck into an ‘official’ sky running event! The Bright 4 Peaks offered a heavy serve of elevation gain over the 4 days and was right up my alley. Read More